Not Fun

I try to keep things positive and all about showing new work here on my blog. But this time I have a bit of bad news, which I'd like to list for the record. Long story short, I got screwed over by a collaborator on a project I co-founded called Echosight. From speaking to others in various walks of life I've learned that apparently this happens often in business partnerships. Just never expected it to happen to me. As an example, here's a comparison between an article in TIME a while back that describes us as co-creators, versus an article written by my co-founder in Huck  more recently that blatantly omits the accurate history of the project. I've learned a lot from this experience and see it as an opportunity for growth. Anyway, onward to bigger and better things!

Author Joshua Cohen for NYTimes

This genius, Joshua Cohen, talked my ear off about the weirdness of the internet at his home in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where I made his portraits. The New York Times Book Review is calling his new epic "more impressive than all but a few novels published so far this decade.” I had a moment seeing myself as an old man, remembering when I got to photograph one of America's most celebrated authors. What a great experience.

Scientist David Ho for Caltech

Caltech's alumni magazine asked me to photograph one of their most celebrated graduates, the HIV/AIDS researcher David Ho. They wanted a dramatically-lit portrait of the science giant to make him look epic but approachable. This is a slight deviation from my typical approach, but I much welcome one. 

Brooklyn Half Marathon for Runner's World

The wonderful Anna Schulte gave me one of the best assignments I've ever had. AND I was able shoot the whole thing on a medium format rangefinder. It's a good thing I've been doing some exercise lately because covering the Brooklyn Half Marathon was physically grueling. I rode my bike along the runners, darting in and out of the crowds (think: Frogger), and somehow managed to be in twelve places at once before the finish on the Coney Island boardwalk. The best part was grabbing a beer and hot dog at MCU Park for the after party and laying on the spongy turf watching Donny Vomit swallow swords.

Aperture Panel Talk from CPW Exhibition

The broadcast from The New School panel discussion I was fortunate to be a part of is now online. It was hosted by Aperture Foundation, curated by Stephen Mayes, about "The Space Between" exhibition curated by Henry Jacobson at The Center for Photography at Woodstock. I discussed my collaborations with Daniella Zalcman of Echo/Sight.

With more than one billion images uploaded every day, the smartphone seems to have opened the door to visual creativity for nearly half the world's population. But what are we saying, and what does it mean, when the smartphone doesn't only provide the pictures but knows more about them than we do—when the instrument joins the conversation as cocreator and publisher? Technology and psychology commingle as we venture into a world of unknown opportunity as well as risk. The discussion opens new perspectives on the seemingly innocent simplicity of our visual lives online.



Meditation and Ceramics in Japan for RISD

I'm spending the month of January documenting the Rhode Island School of Design's ceramics program abroad. My challenge is to help them create a social media presence that goes beyond the literal aspects of the course and translates the students' contemplative experience for a wider audience. Here are some examples, but follow along on to see the work in progress. 

Kelli demos the wheel. #RISD #ceramics #pottery #japan

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Naoshima beach sunset sublime

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