Plenty of Gefilte Fish in the Sea - Group Coaching for Jewish Singles

Dating can be super frustrating. I get it. I've been there. 

Let me guess...Here's how you feel:

  • People swipe right and don't look at my profile.
  • I'll never find a solid relationship with all those options to choose from.
  • My dates "ghost" me for no reason.
  • What you see is hardly what you get.
  • Everyone just wants to hook up.
  • I'm not religious, so why am I even dating Jewish?
  • The family pressure to settle is bringing me down 
  • I'm too busy to be dating

The good news is, you're not alone. 

I struggled with this for several years before I met my partner online. If only I knew then what I know now!

This group coaching program is designed to accelerate your dating experience. To boost your confidence, help you gain insights, and finally set your priorities straight. 




    ◦    26-34 year-old single, secular Jewish, men and women in NYC, using online dating to find a long term relationship. Educated, employed, unmarried or divorced. Or their friends and family. 
    •    How would they hear about my program? 
    ◦    Chatting with me via dating app, sending them link to the site directly. Sharing the link on social media. Sending it in an email blast (modified). Google search for keywords leading to website. Advertising through local Jewish organization newsletters. Word of mouth.
    •    Name: Plenty of Gefilte Fish in the Sea - Group Coaching for Jewish Singles
    •    Clients: Single Jewish, but not religious, men and women ages 26-34 who are using online platforms to find a longterm relationship. Living in the Jewish diaspora in the 21st century. Modern and hip, but still interested in preserving Jewish culture and heritage. It can be confusing to grapple with the emotions of love and attraction while considering the practical realities of wanting a Jewish family someday. It’s daunting to live in NYC among thousands and search for a needle in a haystack, especially when you have the added desire of a specific cultural group. Family pressure can make it difficult to set priorities clearly and know what you really want and need. Who are you making decisions for, yourself or your grandparents? You might ask yourself why you care to date Jewish while you’re not religious. What would your mother say? Oy vey!
    •    Benefits:
    ◦    Accomplish:
    ⁃    A clear understanding of your personal needs and priorities. 
    ⁃    A better picture of the qualities in a partner that are best suited for you. 
    ⁃    Improve your confidence in the confusing world of online dating
    ⁃    How to present your best self online to attract your ideal partner. 
    ⁃    Useful insight on the dating process, both online and IRL.
    ⁃    A chance to network and expand your community
    ⁃    Camaraderie with relatable people
    ⁃    Learn to weed out undesirables, and filter the phonies
    ⁃    Learn resilience while facing rejection
    ⁃    Recognize and eliminate external pressures
    ◦    Receive:
    ⁃    Six sessions, 90-minutes each
    ⁃    Private forum to discuss with group mates between sessions
    ⁃    Access to coach for your questions via email
    ⁃    Exclusive notes from the coach with readings and exercises
    ⁃    Free 1-1 laser coaching session
    ⁃    Discount on future coaching sessions
    ⁃    Free coffeeeeee
    •    Format:
    ◦    Group 4 -8 people
    ◦    Once per week
    ◦    90 minutes
    ◦    In-person
    •    Dates: 
    ◦    Tuesdays, Jan 4 - Feb 8
    ◦    7pm
    •    Location: 
    ◦    39 W 29 Street, New York, NY 10001
    •    Fees:
    ◦    $50/session = $300
    •    Sign up: