The Next Best Thing - Movie Trailer

Really excited to release the trailer for a film I co-directed with my friend Matt Cook. It's an "anti-romcom" about two single New Yorkers both searching for their optimal partner, who get lost in a dystopian dating service. See more at 

Archie Panjabi

You may know her as Kalinda from The Good Wife, but now Archie Panjabi has moved onto NBC's Blindspot. She was graceful and tuned in, taking directions well and playing around openly. This was a secondary shot after we covered a full-length on a white seamless for a New York Times Arts column. There were about 5 minutes left before she had to run, so we quickly rearranged the lights to focus just on her and darken the room behind her.


Not Fun

I try to keep things positive and all about showing new work here on my blog. But this time I have a bit of bad news, which I'd like to list for the record. Long story short, I got screwed over by a collaborator on a project I co-founded called Echosight. From speaking to others in various walks of life I've learned that apparently this happens often in business partnerships. Just never expected it to happen to me. As an example, here's a comparison between an article in TIME a while back that describes us as co-creators, versus an article written by my co-founder in Huck  more recently that blatantly omits the accurate history of the project. I've learned a lot from this experience and see it as an opportunity for growth. Anyway, onward to bigger and better things!