Chef Marcus Samuelsson for the NYT

I took an express train to Harlem to meet the great Chef Marcus Samuelsson at his restaurant Red Rooster. He has such a graceful and welcoming manner, as does the locale, that I felt comfortable working with him from the get go. His appreciation for the rich diversity of the neighborhood is incorporated in the design and cuisine. For this assignment, however, I focused on Samuelsson's obsession with a particular designer's ties for a story on men who stockpile.

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Jamie Beck, a Tumblr extraordinaire

Jamie Beck runs a successful Tumblr site centered around her fashion photography called From Me To You. She is also the co-creator of Cinemagraphs. She was profiled in the Times as an example of how Tumblr is becoming an integral part of the fashion world online.... "Formerly a pileup of profanity-laced teenage ramblings and partly expressed emotions, at least to an outsider’s eye, Tumblr has become an image-driven platform of importance to fashion photographers — like Terry Richardson (who uses it mostly as a diary) — brands and bloggers, who have made it an integral part of their online lives."

The Brooklyn Circus

The Brooklyn Circus/BKc story begins in 2006 in a quaint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York with the aim to strengthen consumers’ appreciation for classic aesthetics and antique motifs whilst upholding the pillars of modern design within a hundred year plan. With time-tested values of classic American craftsmanship, a love for urban tradition, vintage sensibilities, and an endless search for the timeless silhouette, the empowerment and authenticity. Founded by graphic designer Ouigi Theodore and developed by an arsenal of visionaries fueled by a common purpose, this bustling junction of style and character is always an experience. Beyond embracing techniques of timeless craftsmanship and sophisticated simplicity, The BKc fosters creative relationships, providing a social sanctuary for open-minded forward-thinkers. Every cuff of trouser, roll of the sleeves, and peaking pocket square is connected to a greater story, as they’ve succeeded at tailoring not only cloth and fabric, but lifestyles.

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