Aperture Panel Talk from CPW Exhibition

The broadcast from The New School panel discussion I was fortunate to be a part of is now online. It was hosted by Aperture Foundation, curated by Stephen Mayes, about "The Space Between" exhibition curated by Henry Jacobson at The Center for Photography at Woodstock. I discussed my collaborations with Daniella Zalcman of Echo/Sight.

With more than one billion images uploaded every day, the smartphone seems to have opened the door to visual creativity for nearly half the world's population. But what are we saying, and what does it mean, when the smartphone doesn't only provide the pictures but knows more about them than we do—when the instrument joins the conversation as cocreator and publisher? Technology and psychology commingle as we venture into a world of unknown opportunity as well as risk. The discussion opens new perspectives on the seemingly innocent simplicity of our visual lives online.