Best Eleven Portraits of 2011

2011 was an exciting and fruitful year. In between shooting regularly for The New York Times, I made portraits for a local yoga studio, started a project about alternative sexuality, and exhibited my award-winning project from Poland. This year I collaborated on several video projects, all premiering in the coming months. They include a ten-webisode dark comedy (see the pilot trailer), a promotional music video for an urban farm, and a pilot episode for a hilarious new sketch comedy. I've also had great opportunities, including new gallery representation by Recession Art, collaborations with the Goddamn Cobras Collective, and new editorial and commercial clients. Below are some of my favorite photos from 2011- a year that allowed me to delve deeper into my personal style and recognize my fascination with spontaneous portraiture. While I enjoy photojournalism and creative problem solving, I am most drawn to wandering and observing freely. Noticing a character at a distance and approaching quietly until they accept my presence is a priceless jewel.

Treasure hunter, Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Sisters, Lake Ontario

Kosher vending machine, Queens

First day of legalized gay marriage, Manhattan

Riley Kilo in her bedroom, Bronx

Lana in her apartment, White Plains

Katie hoola-hooping in a gorilla suit, Brooklyn

Plaza Hotel spa owner, Manhattan

D.C., in Taunton, Mass

Richard Phillips in his studio, Manhattan

Smurfette at NY Comic Con