Hidden Treasures

Isn't it satisfying to look through old photos and dig up a jewel?
The thing about finding old photos is that they were always there, but never realized as 'important' or even as existing. But as we change the way we see things, the world around us changes also. In a given conversation you can say "hello" and have several different intentions, and the word can be received however the other person understands the word and the person saying it. Going through archives from India, I feel like the person who edited those photos was a different version of me. Still Danny, but in a different state of mind. This year I've done a lot of thinking, a lot of rearranging the wiring in my head to fit a new life - away from school, from a "normal" job, and into the abyss of independent production...Lots of ideas brewing...A new blog project, for example, is on its way..stay tuned.