Premier of Nights in UltraViolet

A tight-knit crew from my friends at The Goddamn Cobras and The Cheap Thriller put their brains together to create the 10-episode web series called Nights in UltraViolet. I was honored with the role of Director of Photography. The show stars a bunch of up-and-coming comedians that are making headlines. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, for example, are currently working with Amy Poehler to produce their show called “Broad City.”  Creators of NiUV recently won best animation at the NYTVF for their project, “Cafe Bloodbath”. And comedian Rob Michael Hugel won the audience award at the NYTVF for his show, “I Hate Being Single.”  Follow the weirdness if you dare. To help promote the show I rented some lights, jumped in the studio and knocked out some movie poster portraits with the cast of NiUV. They'll be released individually through social media as the season progresses.