Purim Party Portraits

I suddenly found myself at a Purim celebration with the Krakow Jewish community. It was interesting to participate in such a joyous Jewish holiday in a place that once represented little but the Holocaust to me. Ironically, Purim commemorates the victory of Persian Jews over a plot to annihilate them. We paraded through the streets singing Purim songs from the Remuh synagogue in the center of Kazimerz to the new JCC building

A tiny Jewish community is growing in Krakow, including some who were born here, converts, immigrants, and those that are returning to their faith after two generations of silence. And many at the party were non-Jewish friends who are involved in the community and eager to learn more. In these pictures they are having the time of their lives, goofing off and drinking until they couldn't tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman. I hadn't expected to make portraits, but everyone was wearing funky costumes and a background presented itself. The images break style a bit but the experiment was rewarding.