Rebirth of Klezmer

Around Szeroka Street in the main square of the Jewish quarter of Krakow, signs at restaurants advertise live klezmer music. The city has seen a renewed interest in traditional Ashkenazi Jewish music since the area- and Jewish culture- started growing in popularity about 20 years ago. One trio of experimental artists, Kroke (meaning Krakow in Yiddish) grew up listening and playing the music feeling it was an integral part of who they are. They've become one of the most popular klezmer bands in Europe, though they don't like to be categorized as such. Their influences range from all over the region and their sound echoes from widespread pain and joy so their crooning strikes universal heartstrings. They came to play at their hometown venue, Alchemia, a candle-lit tavern like a set from Lord of the Rings. In the U.S. this packed basement would be a clear fire-code violation, but here returning fans cram into the room at least once a month. Their senses ravenous for every glimpse into the past that Kroke offers.

Here is an audio sample over some pictures from the concert.

Check out their website for more music.