RNC - Day Two

More protests at the RNC. For more, see the Fear and Loathing blog here.
Unfortunately I don't have credentials to get into the Xcel Energy Center where the delegates and speakers are, so I'm concentrating mainly on dissent. The idea of shooting "documentary" style is exciting on a conceptual level, but it feels a bit uncomfortable at times not to show the "whole story." I'm surrounded by people, some good some not-so-good, who really believe in the Republican causes. Not to say plenty of news networks aren't paying them plenty of mind, but my story is clearly about how the opposition feels. The extremists, the anti-war activists, the young and rebellious, the ones who want to be heard from the ground up. The American protest culture is (has been) vital for our country's progress, and right now the whole world is watching to see in which direction this superpower goes. It's not just about the politics at the top, the elections, the sterile process, its also about how strongly people feel about these issues and the lengths they'll go to be heard. Whether they're right or wrong isn't for me to judge, but I think its important to let the sttory speak for itself.