The Other Florida

For the next six months, I'll be posting from west-central Florida: the "other"Florida. I've started an internship with the St. Petersburg Times' Citrus County bureau, which is in Inverness, FL. The town is about 1.5 hrs from any significant city (Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, St. Pete) so I expect my images will be different from what I've been used to.
Then again, the way I see/perceive things stays the same regardless of the local accent or landscape. I've only been doing this serious photo thing for about two years now, so I'm just starting to recognize patterns in the way I approach a situation. The result is usually a photo, because that's the medium I'm presenting (unless there's audio/video, which will necessarilly come in greater amounts later) , but to me the photo is just the nicely wrapped package. The calm after the storm. Or the storm after the calm, I don't know. But it's cool to see the process backwards- seeing the photo, then recognizing a common style, feel, etc of the photo and realizing I ended up with those elements in place for a reason. The reason being I am who I am and attend to a situation in a way I can't completely get away from.
I think this internship will help me iron out a little more what my tendencies are and how to make the best use of them. In any case, the people are friendly, helpful, talented. Being around humans that make me feel good will be just as inspiring as the countryside light.