Tyler Brule, creator of Monocle magazine

For this assignment I was asked to make a "variety" of portraits of a hot shot entrepreneur at a crowded Manhattan bookstore one weekday evening. Mr. Brule was noticeably impatient, the reporter was hovering, the PR handler kept reminding me they had no time, and the location was cramped and visually limited, and to top it off my flash tube died out...A perfect storm. Instead of freaking out I channeled my inner yogi and kept cool (also I've been playing Batman Arkham City lately and have been inspired to handle intense situations like a badass). The muscles in my face relaxed and I spoke in soothing tones. I requested that the manager shut off a couple of lights above the magazine section, flipped on the modeling light, shuffled some magazines around and made some small talk with the subject. Suddenly the nightmare turned into a little puzzle I was piecing together. After a few frames I stuck a strobe on my camera with a wide lens and made a different image in the same spot (variety = done). Come this Thursday I was pleased to see a huge run of Tyler Brule's portrait. Bada-bing, bada-boom.  

Tyler Brule