Wall Street's Unemployed for Bloomberg Businessweek

From the article in Businessweek: For Michael Reiner, being let go by Société Générale was his second job loss in four years. He worked at Bear Stearns for 14 years until the firm collapsed in March 2008 and was taken over in a fire sale by JPMorgan Chase. When he began looking for work after that, he says he “wanted to find a place for the next 14 years.” It’s harder to talk about losing a job the second time, he says: “There are a lot of people I haven’t told.” Now he spends his time going to his daughter’s field hockey games and managing his investments. He plans to pursue his hobby of making maple syrup from the trees in the backyard of his home.

My editor, Jamie Goldenberg, wanted me to make an image of Mike that conveyed the job loss without going overboard on the sadness factor. Fortunately he was a gracious host and gave me plenty of time to roam around with him on his property. I found him to be a sympathetic character with a certain innocence in his eyes that I tried to emphasize in the images. Wall Street workers are so often portrayed as aggressive and heartless but Mike clearly did not fall under that stereotype. He and his wife seemed down-to-earth, and their home in Briarcliff Manor reflected  their accessible style. Here is the chosen image as well as some others I liked from he shoot.